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To help the Fountain restore a global economy of Reciprocity inspired by Nature and the Sacred, we call on courageous leaders, social activists and spirited collaborators who want to play their part in manifesting a sustainable, just, loving and harmonious world for all.

What is the Fountain Movement?

The Fountain Movement is actualising a new model of Sacred Economics that combines the most enlightened elements of the western financial system with the natural intelligence of Native Wisdom traditions to bring practical solutions to the world’s current economic and ecological crises.
The Movement is working to restore the world’s sacred sites and return them to the stewardship of their natural indigenous guardians to bring the Earth back into balance. We are utilising the ancient technology of ceremony to receive Nature’s guidance to this end.

Why is it important?

The Fountain’s new sacred economic model presents a way to finally sidestep the mass of negativity created by the world‘s materialistic and fragmented financial systems and evolve a new sacred economic pathway that unifies the world’s peoples to collectively create a sustainable, life-supporting planet, in reciprocity with Nature.
The Fountain Movement is an invitation to help bring about a transformed global society that leaves a legacy of clean air, fresh water, fertile soil and spiritual harmony for the Earth‘s children. The Movement is an amazing opportunity to co-create an exemplary model that restores life.

How you can engage!

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Come to the Unity Concert and support The Black Hills Initiative
The annual Unity Concerts of South Dakota are propelling a vital unification process supporting The Great Sioux Nation to reclaim guardianship of The Black Hills as their rightful homeland, building a bridge between the sacred sites of the Black Hills and all people worldwide in support of the Earth.
Join us at our next Unity Concert, September 2017, a free concert “for the Black Hills, the Earth and All Her People”. And spread the word to your family and friends!
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Please Support the Movement

The Fountain group is currently setting up an Earth Mother Revitalization Fund to create funds for a series of inspirational Fountain “Earth Initiatives” that will support us to realize our mission.

If you would like to help our Movement to restore a global economy of Reciprocity inspired by Nature and the Sacred, we invite you to support the Fountain’s primary Earth Initiatives which include the Black Hills Initiative, The Unity Concert and The Earth Mother Revitalization Fund.
Visit our Support Us Page for more information.

In Gratitude for all support for our common prayer of Peace, Unity and Harmony on Earth.