Restoring a global economy of Reciprocity inspired by Nature and the Sacred.
The Fountain’s mission is to activate the restoration of a global economic model founded on a unified collaboration between the business world and Native wisdom keepers, and based on a reciprocal relationship with Nature and the Sacred.

The Fountain Group brings together an exceptional coalition of eight visionaries made up of First Nation Peoples and leading global economists, supported by international advisors and assistants. The group has been gathering biannually and/or annually since 2013 with the shared intention of restoring a global economy infused with the principles of Reciprocity with Nature and respect for the Sacred.

Leading at the frontier of Sacred Economics, The Fountain group integrates the intelligence of nature and the traditional knowledge of indigenous cultures to re-envision economics as a way to restore the natural order to our Earth for future generations.

The Fountain Group powerfully combines the acumen of the western financial system with the natural intelligence of Native Wisdom traditions to bring practical solutions to the world’s current economic and ecological crises, resulting from outmoded economical practices. The visionary group’s shared expertise encompasses the areas of Social Entrepreneurship, Creative Financing, Impact Investment, First Nation Economic Models, New Economic Paradigms, Sacred Economy, Cross Cultural Communication, and Collaboration through Earth Initiatives.