The Fountain’s vision is to realize its mission of co-creating a new paradigm of sacred economics, directed by Nature, by generating a new economic model based on inclusion, cooperation and reciprocity that other service organizations can adopt to this end.

The new model moves beyond the greed, division and disharmony of the world’s current financial systems and invites all people of the world to unite and co-create a sustainable, life-supporting planet based on a reciprocal relationship with Nature and the Sacred. The model also honors the ancient practice of ceremony as a vital natural technology for receiving Nature’s guidance.
The Fountain group gathers for biannual and/or annual Vision Circle Gatherings to collaboratively envisage ways to develop and strengthen this evolving model aligned to the Original Principles of indigenous peoples and balanced with the wisdom of progressive modern economists.

A key element of the Fountain’s mission is to restore the world’s sacred sites so as to bring the Earth back into balance; to realize this intention, the Fountain’s vision includes returning the sites to the stewardship of their natural indigenous guardians.

The group is currently setting up an Earth Mother Revitalization Fund to create funds for a series of inspirational Fountain “Earth Initiatives” that will support the Fountain to realize its vision, directed by Nature.

Hear Jyoti, Founder of the Fountain, evocatively bring the Fountain’s vision to life in this interview on BlogTalk Radio.

Fountain projects to date include the Unity Concerts of September 2014 and 2015, which have converged thousands of earth activists, native and non native musicians, local and global supporters to stand with the Great Sioux Nation in its effort to re-claim guardianship over their sacred lands, The Black Hills of South Dakota. These remarkable events created awareness for endangered sacred sites worldwide, acting as a powerful catalyst for spiritual activism and unifying people to reclaim their roles as custodians of our planet. The act of returning the Black Hills to their rightful native guardians can provide a powerful transformative trigger for protecting endangered sacred sites all around the world.

For more information about the Unity Concerts and other Fountain Earth Initiatives, visit The Fountain Projects page.