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“May the rivers of wealth be undammed and flow freely over the earth. May the gifts move through increased hands until all people experience the abundance of life.”
Marion Rockefeller Weber – Initiator of the Flow Fund Circle.

About The Fountain

The Fountain pools together a global alliance of eight visionaries made up of First Nation People representatives and economists, supported by a group of international advisors and assistants.

The Fountain works in collaboration with the Center for Sacred Studies, a US charity dedicated to sustaining ways of life based on collaboration and reciprocity with the Earth and all Her beings, which is helping to establish a new economic model for other not for profits.
The Fountain group has been gathering since 2013 with the shared intention of restoring a global economy centered on the indigenous principle of Reciprocity, and inspired by Nature and the Sacred.

Leading at the frontier of Sacred Economics, The Fountain calls on the combined insights of nature’s intelligence, time honored indigenous wisdom and the acumen of leading Western economists to redefine economics, bring practical solutions to the world’s current financial and environmental crises and to powerfully restore the natural order of our Earth for future generations.

The group’s shared expertise encompasses Social Entrepreneurship, Creative Financing, Impact Investment, First Nation Economic Models, New Economic Paradigms, Sacred Economy, Cross Cultural Communication and Collaboration through Earth Initiatives.



Restoring a global economy of Reciprocity inspired by Nature and the Sacred.
The Fountain’s mission is to activate the restoration of a global economic model founded on a unified collaboration

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The Fountain’s vision is to realize its mission of co-creating a new paradigm of sacred economics, directed by Nature, by generating a new economic model based on inclusion, cooperation and reciprocity that other service organizations can adopt to this end.

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Origin Story

With its mission to restore a sacred economic model based on collaboration and reciprocity with nature, the founding of The Fountain birthed a powerful initiative now actively working to propel a return to the Natural Order for Our Existence.

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Join the Movement

To help the Fountain restore a global economy of Reciprocity inspired by Nature and the Sacred, we call on courageous leaders, social activists and spirited collaborators who want to play their part in manifesting a sustainable, just, loving and harmonious world for all.

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Meet The Fountain Team

An alliance of visionaries, economists, advisors and assistants dedicated to restoring a sacred economic paradigm.

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