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Would you like to donate your financial resources to creating a more harmonious and loving world? Would you like to support a vision that expresses your highest values?The Fountain is currently creating a number of groundbreaking projects to activate its mission to restore a new sacred economic model that honours, and is directed by, Nature and the Sacred. To this end, we invite you to support The Fountain’s primary Earth Initiatives which include the Black Hills Initiative, The Unity Concert and The Earth Mother Rejuvenation Fund, as detailed below. More exciting Fountain projects underway will be announced shortly. We invite you to step up as a leader and help co-create this brave new world. Invest your financial resources in restoring harmony on Mother Earth and in the evolution of a new economic model that sustains and nourishes all life on our planet.

The Black Hills Initiative

Righting a major historical wrong, the Black Hills Initiative is a call for justice appealing for the Black Hills of South Dakota to be returned by the U.S. government to their rightful owners, The Great Sioux Nation. The Black Hills are the center of the spiritual identity of the Great Sioux Nation, the source of their creation stories and the site of their most sacred ceremonies since the Beginning Times. The Great Sioux Nation peoples are now taking action and drafting a unified, comprehensive Management Plan that sets out how they will sustainably and justly administer, manage, conserve and steward their sacred lands. They will present this unified plan to the Obama Administration, along with their petition that President Obama return jurisdiction over the Black Hills to the Great Sioux Nation.

The Unity Concert

Beginning in September 2014, the annual Unity Concerts of South Dakota were introduced to propel a vital unification process in support of the Black Hills Initiative which can help the Great Sioux Nation to reclaim guardianship of The Black Hills as their rightful homeland, building a bridge between the sacred sites of the Black Hills and all people worldwide in support of the Earth. Orchestrated by a coalition ofelders of The Great Sioux Nation together with various native and non-native allies and environmental and social activists – and with support from the Center forSacred Studies – the two-day concerts (so far running in2014 and 2015) have featured celebrated Native and Non-Native artists and bring together representatives and spiritual elders from Native American tribes as well as artists, performers and concerned global citizens.
The powerful gatherings are alive with rituals and ceremonies to acknowledge and release the pain of a long and difficult history and to pave the way for The Great Sioux Nation to stand united for Mother Earth, and a shared, peaceful way of life for generations to come.Help return the Black Hills to their native guardians and create a powerful launch pad for all endangered sacred sites around the world to be re-activated! Help us right a wrong in our history that can bring us back into alignment with our Earth’s original principles and restore a way of living that respects all life as sacred.

Earth Mother Rejuvenation Fund

The Earth Mother Revitalization Fund is The Fountain’s central initiative serving to raise funds for its Earth Initiatives in support of the restoration of a sacred economic model, and to re-activate the world’s sacred sites by returning them to the care of their natural indigenous guardians. The fund was established this year after Fountain visionaries received direct instruction from Nature in Ecuador through the representatives of the Four Nations of Colombia (Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo). Its intention is to bring a flow of resource to elders and those needing to move quickly to hold ceremony or important meetings in different parts of the world to support the Earth in bringing balance to all life. Your donation supports our common prayer for a new sacred economic paradigm of unity, collaboration and reciprocity. It also helps sustain the worldwide efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers.




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