Creative Financing

Fukushima Solutions

Fukushima Solutions is an inspirational initiative with a mission to heal the waters of the earth with love, prayer and sacred technology.
The project was founded by Walter Moora, a biodynamic farmer with a passion for stewarding the Earth, and Susan Davis a finance innovation leader working to catalyse a sustainable global economy based on the indigenous principle of reciprocity. Continue reading “Creative Financing”

Black Hills Initiative: The Unity Concert

Collaboration and Earth Initiatives

Black Hills Initiative: The Unity Concert

Launched in September 2014, the annual Unity Concerts of South Dakota are propelling a vital unification process supporting The Great Sioux Nation (Pte Oyate or Buffalo Nation) to reclaim guardianship of the Black Hills as their rightful homeland, building a bridge between the sacred sites of the Black Hills and all people worldwide in support of the Earth. Continue reading “Collaboration and Earth Initiatives”


Collaboration and Earth Initiatives

Pacha’s   Pajamas: Nutritious Entertainment

BALANCE Edutainment, a Bay Area-based EdTech/Mixed Reality firm, produces nutritious children’s entertainment that supports healthy social and emotional development. Our stories translate traditional earth-based worldviews into the language of today’s children. Our flagship is the award-winning multicultural, environmental story – Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature.

Continue reading “Collaboration and Earth Initiatives”


Social Entrepreneurs

Ancestors Rise

A multi-media project dedicated to preserving the wisdom of our earth’s original cultures to strengthen the inter-generational link between youth and elders and create a series of film campaigns that ignite humanity’s collective awakening around our common origin and sacred purpose within the natural order of life. Ancestors Rise

KINSHIP A New Way Dreaming

“We ignite a New Way Dreaming to restore humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth”

Watch the film trailer and meet with Jingki Woonganu, Chief Navigator of the New Way Dreaming Movement, Award Winning Singer, Songwriter and Storyteller and the
Grandmothers of the Star Skin Law of Creation. Continue reading “Social Entrepreneurs”