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Chia Seed: The Ancient Food of the Future

Chia Seed – popularly known as Chia Pet and originally called Salvia Hispanica L – is a super food which has been used as a staple food by the Indians of the south west, central and South America for centuries, due to its exceptional nutritive and medicinal properties.

The seed was historically known as the ͞running food͟ because of its high energy endurance, and the Aztec warriors subsisted on the Chia seed during their conquests. Indians running from the Colorado River to the California coast to trade turquoise for sea shells would rely solely on the Chia seed for their nourishment, while the Indians of the south west would ingest as little as a spoonful when embarking on a 24 hour forced march.

Today, the seed has been proliferated worldwide by William Anderson, author of Chia Seeds, who is recognized as the foremost pioneer of Chia seed development. William was the first to standardize, purity and quality protocols of Chia seeds to meet the USDA standards for being a food for human consumption. He was also the first to incorporate Chia seed products into the school food service program in California.

The most important medicine for preventing illness and disease is our diet; our bodies are equipped to combat their onset and if supplied with proper hydration and essential nutrients they are well placed to maintain a quality level of wellbeing.The Chia seed, in providing these essential dietary requirements, is an amazing medicine for wellbeing.

A dieter’s dream food, there are limitless ways to incorporate the seeds into your diet. A profound benefit of Chia seeds is their rich antioxidant properties; Chia has one of the highest antioxidant profiles of any oil seed, making the oils in Chia very stable. And the unique structural profile of Chia seeds amplifies their extraordinary nutritional richness by providing the optimum digestive environment to ensure a significant uptake value.

Hugely beneficial for diabetics (it stabilizes blood sugar), the Chia seed’s hydrophilic colloidal properties aid the digestion of foods that cause stomach pain. The seed is also a rich source of calcium. With a qualitatively unique structural richness along with a profound nutritive profile, the Chia Seed is one of man’s most useful and beneficial foods and is destined to be the “Ancient Food of the Future.”

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