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Fukushima Solutions

Fukushima Solutions is an inspirational initiative with a mission to heal the waters of the earth with love, prayer and sacred technology.
The project was founded by Walter Moora, a biodynamic farmer with a passion for stewarding the Earth, and Susan Davis a finance innovation leader working to catalyse a sustainable global economy based on the indigenous principle of reciprocity.

Having witnessed the devastating effects that the Fukushima nuclear disaster and other environmental problems are having on the oceans, Susan and Walter have dreamt up a magnanimous counter solution: by inspiring people to spend time in meditation or contemplation, enjoying and appreciating nature, their mission is to harness this awakened love of nature and the Earth can so it can be focused on healing Fukushima and the oceans of the world. By reconnecting to nature, raising our consciousness and collaborating with others with similar motivations, we can co-create with the universe’s innate creative forces to bring healing to both ourselves and the oceans.

Walter Moora explains: ͞In reference to Fukushima, I was shown how the warmth of the sun and nuclear radiation come from the same source, the burning of hydrogen. When the rays of the sun bathe the Earth with their light, we experience, more than just physical warmth and light. We receive life, love and spiritual light at the same time. In contrast, nuclear power is very different. We can experience the allure of power that it provides but the debris is death and lack of love. It is for this reason that our meditations of joy, reverence and thankfulness may overcome radiation. We have the strength to overcome the death-dealing forces of nuclear radiation with our love.͟

There are also practical solutions that can be used to mitigate radiation problems, and to this end Walter and Susan have created a small KINS Innovation Network, bringing together ocean experts, specialists in radiation and remediation, and new consciousness pioneers. Joining this network will give you a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding Fukushima and the oceans and keep you up-dated and inspired to enter more fully into your connection with and love of nature. The network will also research innovative ways to heal the oceans.

Spreading the Fukushima Solutions message as widely as possible entails some costs, and if you would like to contribute to the cause, you can donate directly to our fiscal sponsor, the Center for Sacred Studies, a charitable organization dedicated to sustaining ways of life based on collaboration and reciprocity with the Earth and all Her beings. Visit our website’s Donations page for details ofhow you can help.For further information about Fukushima Solutions, visit