Social Entrepreneurs

Ancestors Rise

A multi-media project dedicated to preserving the wisdom of our earth’s original cultures to strengthen the inter-generational link between youth and elders and create a series of film campaigns that ignite humanity’s collective awakening around our common origin and sacred purpose within the natural order of life. Ancestors Rise

KINSHIP A New Way Dreaming

“We ignite a New Way Dreaming to restore humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth”

Watch the film trailer and meet with Jingki Woonganu, Chief Navigator of the New Way Dreaming Movement, Award Winning Singer, Songwriter and Storyteller and the
Grandmothers of the Star Skin Law of Creation.

The Kinship Film Campaign is a message from the Original People of Australia

“We gather at this point in time as part of an agreement to deliver Humanity a New Way forward from the most Easterly Point of First Light.

As sovereign human beings, we participate in the sacred circle of life and by doing so take full responsibility as custodians of our land and uphold the divine and natural law. This is our Sacred Agreement that will guarantee a healthy environment and peace for all beings”.