Collaboration and Earth Initiatives

The mission

To activate a new sacred economic paradigm of unity, collaboration and reciprocity.

Who is behind it?

The Seat for Collaboration and Earth Initiatives is held by Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook, a Lakota Elder, grandmother, and keeper of her culture, who is also the female Sundance Leader for the Afraid of Bear/American Horse Sundance.

How is the mission being realised?

Loretta is currently spearheading the Fountainā€˜s Earth Initiatives, which are projects set up by Fountain members. The first major Earth Initiative is the Black Hills Initiative which is working to negotiate with the U.S. Government for the stewardship of the Black Hills of South Dakota to be returned to The Great Sioux Nation. As part of this drive, Loretta has instigated (in collaboration with Jyoti and the Center for Sacred Studies), the celebrated Unity Concerts in South Dakota which are helping to bring the tribes of the Great Sioux Nation together for this common goal, and building a bridge between the sacred sites of the Black Hills and all people worldwide in support of the Earth.

Other projects under development include Fukushima Solutions (collaborating with Walter and Susan Moora) and the Unification Movement initiated by The Kogi People of Colombia.

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