First Nation Economic Models

The Mission

To invite a Unification Process for the Awareness of the Original Principles.

This is a call for the modern world‘s econonic systems to integrate the ‘ancestral wisdom‘ of indigenous peoples, which has survived the 500 year global colonisation by the West. This wisdom is known to the indigenous people as ‘the life originating principles‘, which recognises reciprocity as a fundamental sacred law of Nature.

By integrating the Original Principles, the Earth and its Peoples can be brought back into balance, restoring our sacred connection to Nature.

Who is behind it?

The Fountain Seat holder of First Nation Economic Models is a Saga of the Four Nations , supported by the Four Peoples of the La Sierra Nevada of Colombia (Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo), and also the Kankuamo Spiritual Authorities of La Sierra Nevada, Colombia.

How is the mission being realised?

Elders from the La Sierra Nevada are uniting with other Elders around the world to activate the mission in the following four ways:

  • Creating a Council of Wisdom, which strengthens and recovers ancestral wisdom and implements ‘Ritual‘ as an innovative technology to this end
  • Creating ‘Spiritual Preserves of Humanity‘ which are responsible for activating and preserving the world’s sacred sites, fundamental to the wellbeing of all life
  • Creating ‘Centres for Preservation and Transmission of Ancient Wisdom‘ which infuse the wisdom of modern science and contemporary knowledge
  • Create transcultural dialogue that applies the principles of non violent communiciation

The Seat is also co-creating the Peoples of the Earth Coffee project helping to bring finance and stability to the peoples of La Sierra‘s Four Nations, and outwards from there to other communities. It is also collaborating with other Fountain Seats (e.g. Creative Financing and New Economic Paradigmsin Use) to help finance the above inniatives. And the Seat’s elders are working closely with Jyoti to restore the Fountain‘s new economic model based on deeper unity and collaboration, and inspired by Nature’s intelligence.

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