The Vision

At the centre of the Fountain model lies the Vision. This unique vision invites Fountain visionaires and members to collaboratively envisage and develop ways to activate its mission to restore a new sacred economic model aligned to the intelligence of Nature.

At the heart of the Fountain’s vision and work, the Earth Mother Revitalization Fund helps this core mission to be realised, raising funds for the organisation‘s Earth Initiatives and the re-activating of the world’s sacred sites by returning them to the care of their natural indigenous guardians.

Founded by Nikki Kilmer Barber, in Ecuador after she and other Fountain visionaries received instruction from Nature through the representatives of the four nations, the Earth Mother Revitalization Fund was established to bring a flow of resource to Fountain elders and those needing to move quickly to hold ceremony or important meetings in different parts of the Earth in support of The Fountain’s vision and mission.