Emerging Elders

Susan Davis and Walter Moora have initiated our emerging Elders Circle. They were holding The Fountain Seat for Creative Financing.

Susan is helping to create finance innovation networks of investors, business leaders and philanthropists to catalyze a globally sustainable economy based on the principle of reciprocity.

Walter is a biodynamic farmer helping people to connect to the land. He is keen to reintegrate the life honouring humanitarian values of the Fountain back into modern living, influencing the way we treat each other and the Earth in the economic realm

The first project the Seat for Creative Financing introduced was the teaching of the innocation method the Fountain has adopted, called KINS Innovation Networks (www.kinsinnovation.org).

KINS has been responsible for 35 innovation networks over 40 years in social investing, corporate social responsibility, solar, organics, the economic empowerment of women and microenterprise in Nigeria.

KINS is now bringing about the inspired Fukushima Solutions initiative to heal the waters of the Earth with love, prayer and sacred technology.

Having observed the effects that the Fukushima nuclear disaster and other environmental problems are having on the oceans, Susan and Walter are on a mission to inspire people to spend time in meditation or contemplation, enjoying and appreciating Nature; this love of Nature and the Earth can then be transferred to Fukushima and the oceans of the world, asking for their healing. By reconnecting people to Nature and raising consciousness, and joining up others in similar work, they are helping to co-create with the creative forces of the universe to bring healing to both ourselves and the oceans.

The project is being realised with the support of the Seat of First Nation Economic Models, and also Jyoti’s seat of New Economic Paradigms in Use, who has arranged fiscal sponsorship to fund the project.

Another project Susan and Walter have introduced is a farm they were guided to buy outside Vilcabamba, Ecuador in 2010 with the intention of manifesting an intercultural biodynamic self-supporting farm community. As this farm – Finca Sagrada – is located on a major global sacred site (see www.fincasagrada.net) it has become a ceremonial meeting place for Fountain gatherings and a hub for the Fountain’s activities to restore sacred sites.

Learn more:

KINS: www.kinsinnovation.org

Fukushima: www.fukushimasolutions.org

Finca Sagrada: www.fincasagrada.com

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Fukushima Solutions