Chief Kate Onwe

Fountain Visionary

I am CHIEF KATE ONWE,  a Nigerian from Ebonyi State of the South East Zone of Nigeria and of the Igbo ethnic stock.

Ndigbo as we are popularly known, is the 3rd largest ethnic group in Nigeria group spread across seven (7) states that of the country. The Igbos have a large presence in every state of Nigeria and can be found in every nook and crany of this country.

I am an Attorney-at-Law by profession and have been twice appointed as pioneer Hon Attorney General/Commissioner for Justice in 2 states of Nigeria- Enugu State and Ebonyi State. I am presently practicing as a corporate lawyer and I am also a farmer.

I have been traditionally honored by my people for the services-both philanthropic,  professional and cultural-that I have rendered them, with the title ADADIORANMA ‘Beloved Daughter Of All’

For us, the members of the Fountain in Nigeria,  its been quite a laudable experience. The Fountain is a body that has grown from the proverbial mustard seed to the level where it is now without any government assistance what soever; neither has it been deterred from trying to achieve its objectives no matter how insurmountable the odds are.

The dreams of the Elders of the Tribes, have given the Spiritual Director and her Team the much  needed impetus for her life work and the struggle of the Nations. The fruit of this struggle will impact the entire world and give its people the reason to carry on.

We in Nigeria are using this knowledge with the exposure we have garnered from our collaboration with the Fountain to seek ways of helping our people surmount the problem of daily sustenance due to the economic challenges facing our people and us exploring ways and means of uplifting them through poverty alleviation programes, agricultural projects with provision of equipments, implements, and other inputs to pull us out  of primitive agricultural practices.

We shall continue to collaborate with the Fountain in other ways that will encourage reciprocity and human understanding throughout the universe. I believe you too  can learn from us somehow as we walk this walk.
Blessings and love!

Chief Kate Onwe