Roberto Arcila Restrepo

Fountain Advisor

Roberto A. Restrepo is a researcher of the original cultures and peoples of the Americas. His work is carried out with support of institutions like UNESCO, as well as Colombian and foreign universities.

He is currently working with UNESCO PHI-LAC as the coordinator of the ACHALC Water and Culture Programs for Latin America and the Caribbean. He has spent time with indigenous communities all across the continent, and for years has conducted research in the important archaeological sites. He has published many documentary films and books, including the Trilogy of Knowledge, with UNESCO.

Roberto is also directly involved in the Unification Process led by base authorities of the Four Peoples of La Sierra Nevada de Gonwindwa and as part of FUNDARCULTURA and UNESCO┬┤s Water and Culture Program in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is fundamentally important for the proposal titled of The Four Pillars as a practical and complementary tool to this process.