Susan Davis and Walter Moora

Fountain Elders

Susan and Walter are the first ones of our Fountain Visionaries to take the Grandmothers/ Elders seat within our circle.

Susan is dedicated to The Fountain’s mission “to restore a global economy of reciprocity inspired by Nature and the Sacred”.   She has helped launch 35 innovation networks for a reciprocal economy using a spirit-based methodology within finance.  After decades of working as a ‘Trojan Horse of Love’, and as a woman pioneer in the finance industry, Susan became the visionary founder and CEO of Capital Missions Company, which creates innovation networks of investors, business leaders and philanthropists to catalyze a globally sustainable economy.

Walter is a bio-dynamic farmer, author and consultant, who is inspired to work within The Fountain in light of its apparently seem-less continuation of his work as a farmer. He has always tried to help people connect to the land, showing how by growing food and stewarding land honorably, we create a deep connection to our Earth. Walter admires the indigenous people for having retained this care and love of the Earth, and is inspired, through The Fountain, to reintegrate these values back into modern life, influencing the way we treat each other and the Earth in the economic realm, the greatest challenge we currently face.

Making bio-dynamics happen for the world!