Steps to Restoration

In its mission to restore a new sacred economic model, The Fountain is following the direction of Nature through ceremony and prayer, in accordance with the Original Principles of the world’s indigenous peoples. Each step is bringing us closer to evolving a new paradigm of reciprocity and collaboration, join us in this walk!

Preliminary Steps

During the Fountain’s first year, Jyoti was led to individuals, both native and non-native, with whom she shared the Fountain vision, as directly received from Nature.
Through these discussions the visionaries gathered together began to hold the vision collectively. Each brought to the table inspiration guided by the wisdom of Nature. Ceremonies were held and a strong prayer was formulated that would continue to guide this process. Each visionary had to be willing to accept the evolving mission without expectation of any specific outcome. Each was to understand that the vision would guide us as we peeled away old wounds and outmoded ideas, and an established paradigm that had so long encased us in a patriarchal system.
Each visionary had to be willing to cultivate their relationship with the Divine, so that each seat represented could align itself to the Original Principles. Then and only then would we be able to see the field of Reciprocity that Nature intended so that balance could be restored.
We began to understand that the economy of a system touches all levels of itself—the spiritual, the emotional and the physical. A whole system is not just about money, but the valued currency of a shared system. Calling on our rich resource of First nation wisdom combined with the knowledge of western economists with heart and vision, we came to understand that Unity is a medicine of our times, a medicine that is helping us remember. Our next step was to begin meetings deepening our relationships with each other while embracing the discovery stage of this project, as outlined in the ensuing Timeline of Fountain Gatherings.

Timeline of Fountain Gatherings

1. La Sierra Nevada, Colombia, South America 2011

The original principles for The Fountain were articulated by the group, creating a foundation for the new economic model to be seeded. In this first phase, as the group set the intention for Nature to proffer further allies to direct us in developing the model, an opening came via an elder of the La Sierras in Colombia, for a small group of Fountain representatives to travel to Colombia to meet with the Mamos and Sagos, the spiritual leaders of the Four Nations of La Sierras (Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo).
Fountain visionaries on this important journey to Colombia included Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook of the Lakota, pioneer of The Fountain’s Earth Initiatives, which include the Black Hills Initiative with its mission to return the Black Hills to the guardianship of the Great Sioux Nation. Also accompanying the group were Bethany Yarrow as interpreter, Paul Jeffery, advisor to the Fountain, and Darlene Hunter, Director of the Center for Sacred Studies. The Colombia journey seeded a deep alliance among the Fountain group, furthering its aim of unification and the return of global sacred sites to land preservations and the stewardship of our First Nation peoples. Representatives from the Four Nations came on board as Fountain visionaries, and their contribution to The Fountain is being supported by a local interpreter and advisor.

2. Geneva, Switzerland 2012

IMG_1157The first official Fountain Gathering took place in Geneva, Switzerland at the home of Nikki Kilmer Barber, the Fountain seat holder of Economic Models that Flow Sacred Economy. The gathering was an opportunity for us all to get to know each other and our work, and explore what guided each of us to want to collaborately contribute to the Fountain. The meeting was attended by Jyoti, Loretta afraid of Bear Cook, representatives of the Four Nations of La Sierra, Molly Harvey, Julia Hausermann, Matthew Englehart and some supporting assistants. We shared a ceremony lead by the representatives of the Four Nations to support the evolution of the Fountain‘s work.

3. The Waterfall House, Upstate New York, North America 2013

1380709_10152293691322926_339440568_nOur meeting at the Waterfall House was hosted by Fountain assistants, Bethany and Mary Beth Yarrow. Susan Davis Moora and Walter Moora who sit in the Seat of Creative Financing joined the Fountain circle for the first time. The Fountain group adopted Susan Davis’s groundbreaking KINS innovation networks operating principals. KINS networks leverage existing ‘conscious sustainability’ initiatives with powerful new ones to manifest innovations faster, more economically, and with greater impact; the networks impart a ‘whole systems’ design for sustainability and are based on the understanding that we “are all one’.
Ceremony was an important part of this Fountain circle, as with all Fountain gatherings, and featured a ceremonial coming together at the Waterfall House prior to the main meeting. The representatives of the Four Nations of La Sierra carried out their sacred work on the land and lead the group in a guided meditation, honouring the spirits of the land.

4. La Finca Sagrada, Ecuador, South America 2014

photo 3 (4)The Fountain Group gathered at Susan Davis Moora and Walter Moora‘s Biodynamic Farm in Ecuador, where everyone participated in ceremonies to tune into direction from Nature. The ensuing instruction (resulting from this and the previous Waterfall House meeting) seeded the founding of the Unity Concert as a platform to: unify the Great Sioux Nation in support of the Black Hills Management Plan; impel the reactivation of the world’s sacred sites; and to manifest collaborative partnerships for building supportive revenue streams. We also received instruction to create the Earth Mother Revitalization Fund (to source revenue in support of Fountain projects), and guidance from ‘The Living Relic‘.
The following article by Bethany Yarrow explains what this instruction was all about. (Link to Bethany‘s article).

5. Elk Creek Lodge, Piedmont, South Dakota, North America 2014 – The Fountain Group gathered in Piedmont, South Dakota to launch the first Unity Concert.

2014-09-14-Unity Concert -333The gathering was a call to stand up for the Earth and was dedicated to the Unity of all Her people. It was a prayer for healing a long history of injustice, and a prayer in honor of the Earth, highlighting how important it is for sacred sites globally to be cared for by the Original Peoples and their ceremonies.

6. La Finca Sagrada, Ecuador, South America 2015

The Four Nations of La Sierra Navada, Columbia proposed the Fountain members all visited Walter and Susan’s biodynamic farm in Chirusco Valley outside Vilcabamba, Ecuador. The reason for the gathering, they said was because the energy center of the Earth had moved from the Himalayas to the Andes and because Chirusco Valley was a key energy center of the Andes, and the sacred sites on the farm and mountain needed to be revitalized. In their first visit, the group held ceremony in three sites held most sacred. One honored the divine masculine, one honored the divine feminine and another was to ceremoniously release all our “warlike” emotions into the Earth as compost. Always at these ceremonies, the Mamos led the group on an inner journey of purification to understand their crucial roles in revitalizing the Earth. In this process, they emphasized that the Fountain should work with the Original Peoples of Chirusco Valley, who had been forced to leave due to death-dealing droughts. The group identified the designated tribe to be the Palta and are now working with them to transform and revitalize Chirusco Valley.

7. Elk Creek Lodge, Piedmont, South Dakota, North America 2015

This concert was dedicated to the youth, for it’s the next generations and beyond that will be the Earth’s future caretakers. The elders came in large numbers to hold meetings during the day focussed on drafting a Memorandum of Understanding which will be delivered to President Obama along with the signed resolutions of all nine tribes of the Great Sioux Nation. The elders acknowledged the Fountain and the collaborative work that has been orchestrated for so many years to support the return of the Black Hills to its rightful guardians.

The Latest Step – The Fountain at the Parliament of World Religions

Jyoti, Founder of The Fountain, recently presented at the October 2015 Parliament of the World Religions, billed as “the oldest, largest and most inclusive gathering of people of all faiths and traditions”. Running globally since 1893, this year the Parliament took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, inviting attendants to work together to “Reclaim the Heart of Our Humanity” and create a world of Compassion, Peace, Justice and Sustainability.
In her presentation, Jyoti called for a return to feminine based models of economy founded on collaboration, cooperation and reciprocity, as adhered by indigenous and ancient cultures. She explained how by rediscovering and utilising these Original Principles, we can powerfully redefine economics as the modern resource that Cares for Life.
Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook gave a presentation about the Fountain’s Earth Initiative for the return of the Black Hills, demonstrating how the Earth Herself is guiding this process of collaboration and reciprocity. This continued effort is healing historical wrongs. And it is bringing attention to the need for the world’s sacred sites to be returned to the guardianship of the Original Peoples, so their ceremonies for activating these sites can bring balance to the Earth and all Her Peoples.

Next Steps

In February 2016, a small Fountain group will be travelling to Nigeria to visit Chief Offia Nwali and Kate Onwe of the Ezza Peoples to establish a deeper relationship with these Peoples of Nigeria.
In September of 2016, the Fountain group will meet once again in South Dakota to help coordinate the Unity Concert in support of the Black Hills Initiative. This concert will be dedicated to the Elders and their Traditions. Come join us as we stand up for the Earth and all Her People! For more information, visit:

February, 2016—Traveled with Bethany Yarrow and Rufus Cappadocia to meet with Chief Offia Nwali and Kate Onwe.

They introduced us to the elders and youth of the Ezza Nation. We had many meetings over the week we were there exchanging music and traditional song. We began our dialogues sharing Chief Offia’s dream.

Child of the Earth Schools in Nigeria
 It is proposed that we start first to develop a model for the first Child of the Earth Schools. This model will be established so that the traditional language, customs, music and songs will be preserved. In addition, the schools themselves will be built incorporating sustainable Earth based practices using solar, producing clean water, cleaning the soil and reestablishing it, organic gardens that can produce enough to offer the village and also produce crops that can be sold creating a sustainable model as well. From this school we hope to establish a center for each village so that micro-loans for the women can flow forth as well. We have experts that can be brought to help us put in place each phase of the school resulting in a model that can then be replicated in other villages throughout Nigeria. This model can then be shared in other countries.

So each school will be a hub with the following phases being developed until the model is complete.

These phases will unfold in the following order:

– Building the school from Earth made products—straw bale models will be investigated to allow for coolness in the hot months and warmth in the cooler months.
– Solar systems will be installed to provide the electricity needed.
– Wind systems to generate energy can also be explored.
– Each school will house the cultural clothing, musical instruments, traditional spiritual stories and language preserving the root of the culture.
– Teachers will be recruited to provide a solid base of education for all children.
– Whole system projects for food and nutrition will be implemented so that good nutrition is provided daily for the children.

And, in addition, these projects will create a sustainable business to provide funding for the school and the village (an example is the Chia Project).

The women of the village will acquire micro-loans to improve the quality of life for the village.

In addition, we will be exploring how to keep the minerals and oil in the ground to model a healthy way to bring resource and also keep balanced practices with the earth and for her Peoples (Jeff Gates proposal).

Each school will be restoring an economic model (The Fountain) based on reciprocity and collaboration using the original model of the Fountain that is a global initiative.

Child of the Earth Schools will be established in Nigeria allowing a flowing system to restore balance for the People and with the People.

May 21, 2016  Chief Offia Nwali was murdered. An investigation is being conducted.
Kate Onwe steps up to hold his seat in the Fountain.
Steven Lovink takes a seat at the Fountain re creating impact investing. He is working very closely with a KINS circle to produce a book entitled Imagining Philanthropy for Life – A Whole-system Strategy for Unleashing True Love for Humankind  It will be out some time in 2017.

Alliance Partners

Pachas Pajamas joins us as an alliance partner producing nutritious children’s entertainment that supports healthy social and emotional development. Our stories translate traditional earth-based worldviews into the language of today’s children.

Care First joins us as an alliance partner. They are an international, all generational network representing all sectors. Members share the intention of creating a Care First World.

September, 2016—The fourth Unity Concert.

Thousands of native and non-native peoples came together in South Dakota for The Unity Concert for the Black Hills Initiative in 2014, 2015 and 2016. These three extraordinary gatherings were held in the name of cultural reconciliation and environmental restoration. We gathered together to honor indigenous ceremony and knowledge, to make a prayer for our Mother Earth, and to ask for the return of He’Sapa (the Black Hills) to the rightful guardianship of the Pte Oyate (Lakota/Nakota/Dakota). We will gather again Sept 8-10, 2017 for the fourth and final year. We will bring representatives from the 4 directions to stand up for sacred sites globally. To stand up with Water Protectors globally. To stand up for our Earth!

December, 2016 – Ecuador Indigenous Summit
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.13.50 AM

The Fountain helped to organize an Indigenous Summit in collaboration with KINS. Susan Davis and Walter Moore hosted much of the event at their farm and at a near by hotel.

Those indigenous elders present were:

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.15.53 AM

José Calva is a native from the village Sasaco, in the Loja Province in the South of Ecuador where he lives in one of the Palta communities. He is a leader in his territory, in the communities which are organized by FEPROCOL. (Federación Provincial de Comunas de Loja)


Taita Julián greets us in the name of the Palta People. He is called Taita, which means, spiritual leader.

Jaime Pilatuña Lincango is a spiritual leader from Ecuador. His origins go back to the Pueblo Quitu Cara.

Mamo Alejandro lives in the Sierra Nevada in Colombia and belongs to the Kogi culture.

Mamo Evangelista belongs to the Wiwa culture.
He lives in the Sierra Nevada and has knowledge about plants and medicines

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.31.10 AM
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.19.01 AM
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.32.46 AM
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.18.12 AM









Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.29.37 AM

Jorge Luis lives in Colombia, with his wife and sons. He is learning, sharing, and recovering sacred objects and lands. He is here thanks to the ancestors, the keepers of the land, who are today in spirit with us. He is here with his fathers, the mamos Alejandro and Evangelista.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.34.11 AM

Mindahi Bastida‘s roots go back to the Otomi culture in Mexico. He is an advisor to the Fountain

This was the third visit of the four committed to with the Four Nations. Susan and Walter have been sponsoring these visits, so that the sacred site on their land and those sacred sites surrounding their farm could be re-activated. We give thanks to such important work and devotion.

While with the Mamos , Jyoti approached them to ask if the Fountain is still in alignment with what the Earth is needing. In addition, she asked if Mamo Alejandro and Mamo Evaqngelista could take the seat that was truly the root seat of the Fountain. The Sagas are needing to “stay in the beehive” which meant that Saga Carmen was no longer able to travel.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.11.53 AM

Lawrence Bloom, an Ambassador to the Fountain, spoke to them about a proposal to get direction from them about a project called The Office of the Future. Lawrence has asked Jyoti to sit on its board and to hold a seat with the Fountain in this Office representing the Spiritual.

These two proposals were taken into consultation and ceremony for the next two days. In the end the Mamos agreed to sit on the Fountain and also to take both requests back to Colombia for further consultation.
Lawrence and Jyoti were told that their next steps would need to happen in Colombia. This would be planned for early 2017.